A.S. Creation Versace Black Stripe 3 Pattern Non-Woven Feature Wallpaper 935225
A.S. Creation Versace Black Stripe 3 Pattern Non-Woven Feature Wallpaper 935225
A.S. Creation Versace Black Stripe 3 Pattern Non-Woven Feature Wallpaper 935225
A.S. Creation Versace Black Stripe 3 Pattern Non-Woven Feature Wallpaper 935225

A.S. Creation Versace Black Stripe 3 Pattern Non-Woven Feature Wallpaper 935225

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Magnificent splendour A.S. Création presents the third collection from Versace home Infinite range for minute details, timeless colour palette and always novel interpretations of opulent neoclassical imagery: this is what marks that singular elegant Versace style. This distinctive aesthetic is also the third collaborative edition of luxurious wallpaper produced by the legendary Italian design house together with A.S. Création. This new collection combines wall furnishings from the existing luxury brand’s lines with classical decor – and each one imbues your walls and lifestyle with magnificent splendour. Etoiles de la Mer Starfish, pearls and shells adorn precious medallions framed by baroque acanthus leaves. Coralline branches, reminiscent of carpets of blossom, spread delicately over the walls. The sensual décor of the "Etoiles de la Mer" line originates from the depths of the sea and together with its delicate colour palette of light grey, pink, peace blue and gentle green creates incomparably refined and feminine elegance - a perfect interplay of tradition and modernity. Exquisite blue and gold medallions, surrounded by baroque acanthus leaves, grace the whimsical nautical décor of the “Etoiles de la Mer 2” variant of the collection. Their opulence is bound to turn any wall into a magnificent statement. Vasmara Neoclassical motifs encounter leather optics, zebra and leopard patterns. The decor creates a tame yet powerful vibrant ferocity. The home line “Vasmara“ in striking gold, (silver-)grey, crème and deep black is inspired by urban escapism and instil an exclusive atmosphere of pure luxury. Via Gesù Named after the headquarters of Versace, "Via Gesù" is one of the most important lines of the luxury brand. With clear lines and characteristic iconography, it stands for a unique culture of luxury and attention to detail. Greek Straight-line meanders embody the male principle at Versace. The current collection presents the ancient pattern as an extravagant statement on fine satin wallpaper in gold, silver, deep black and cream and enriches it with the emblematic Versace Medusa head borders. Barocco Flowers Ornate acanthus blossoms and lush, charming flower carpets are also central motifs of Versace iconography. Feminine decor exudes characteristic elegance and sensuality of the brand. Le Jardin Colourful butterflies and beetles enliven elegant baroque blooms, lending it the air of playful lightness. Matching this cheerful radiance, soft pink, ochre and green-gold complement the classic Versace colour palette. Medusa Royale / I heart Baroque Clear and subtle, with the Medusa head, the hallmark of the Versace house, as a central decor motif, "Medusa Royale" stands for eye-catching beauty and glamour. 3 Medusa The Gorgon with hair of snakes, takes centre stage in the eponymous wallpaper series. Graphically raised from the surface by cool studs, the emblematic symbol sits resplendent on plain black, white, beige, and restrained golden wallpaper with an elegant purist fabric look.

  • Non-woven wallpaper - roll size: 10.05 m (length) x 70 cm (width) - 7.04 sq m
  • Product features: scrubbable, good lightfastness, dry removeable, low-flammable, dimensionally stable, easy to handle without soaking time, can be affixed by paste-the-wall technique, can be applied to all clean, dry, smooth, firm and absorbent surfaces, made in Germany
  • Pattern matching: free match; applying the wallpaper is very easy, because the pattern needs no further attention.
  • FSC Mix certified: the non-woven support material used in the production of this wallpaper is FSC Mix certified. The addition Mix stands for the use of wood from FSC-certified forests and the use of recycled materials.
  • RAL-GZ 479 quality mark: the RAL quality mark includes technical quality requirements, further requirements and tests regarding the health and environmental safety of wallcoverings.


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