Flymo Contour XT Strimmer
Flymo Contour XT Strimmer
Flymo Contour XT Strimmer
Flymo Contour XT Strimmer
Flymo Contour XT Strimmer
Flymo Contour XT Strimmer
Flymo Contour XT Strimmer

Flymo Contour XT Strimmer

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Product Overview

Flymo Contour XT Strimmer: Effortless Lawn Edging and Trimming

Bring effortless lawn maintenance to your garden with the Flymo Contour XT Strimmer. This lightweight and versatile strimmer is designed for precise edging and trimming around obstacles, making it ideal for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Cutting-Edge Performance:

  • Powerful 300W motor: Effortlessly glide through grass and weeds, even in damp conditions.
  • Dual Line Trimming System: Automatic double line not only saves you time by automatically feeding the line through the strimmer when needed, but it also improves trimming performance by having two cutting lines.
  • Plant Guard: Fitted with a plant guard which not only preserves the line, but also protects plants and shrubs from damage when trimming close to them.
  • Inline Edging: The edging wheel allows you to guide the trimmer along your edges effortlessly, giving you better, cleaner and defined edges along paths, flowerbeds and driveways.
  • Ergonomic Handles: With a 'D' style easy grip handle for comfortable use. Also comes with a secondary handle for greater control and comfort.
  • Integrated Cable Tidy: Keeps your cable neat and prevents accidental snags while trimming.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design: Weighing just 2.9kg, the Contour XT is comfortable to use for extended periods.

The Flymo Contour XT Strimmer is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to achieve a neat and tidy lawn without the hard work. Its combination of power, precision, and user-friendly features makes it a great choice for gardeners of all skill levels.


  • Motor Power : 300w
  • Type Of Feed : Auto
  • Cutting Width : 25cm
  • Trim & Edge : Yes
  • Line Speed : 10500rpm
  • Line Diameter : 1.5mm
  • Cable Length : 12 Metres
  • Cable Storage : Yes
  • Second Handle : Yes
  • Weight : 2.8kg
  • Guarantee : 1 Year
  • Lightweight
  • Plant Guard

Order your Flymo Contour XT Strimmer today and experience the difference!